Where are we 6 months into the Baseline Project

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It is now 6 months since the original post in the CAS mailing list that initiated the Computing Baseline testing project. Since then we have

  • Devised and delivered the first test to over 52,000 children.
  • Built rebuilt and revised the supporting software systems.
  • Extended the server technology to cope with > 2000 students a day taking the on-line exam.
  • Fed back aggregated statistics to the participating schools.

What we plan to do now is extend the service down into primary schools and provide optional low cost certification of attainment and performance. Certificates will be available directly from the web site and a QR code will be printed on them so they can be authenticated directly against the database. This is the same system as our nationally regulated exams. We will provide new tests every 6 months so that progress measures can be made and fed back to schools as well as raw attainment. Beyond this we can provide the same service for mathematics and science and we are planning an EU funded Transfer of Innovation Project to take the project to other countries in Europe. Then each school and each country can compare it's performance with all the others. Parents can know how there children place in the whole of Europe in knowledge and understanding of computer technology, mathematics and science and all for free. There will be options at a cost for certification of these simple tests or to obtain more substantial qualifications regulated by the UK national government. 





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Ian Lynch has worked in a range of roles in 4 LAs an independent school and a CTC. Led OFSTED teams, been an assessor of the NPQH and set up and run three education based enterprises. Main interest is in driving actions that can make a difference within the constraints of "the system" using knowledge of how "the system" works.

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