Andi Elliott

Andi is a very hard-working student. She is committed to everything she embarks upon. Andi has already passed Maths and English in Y10, with good grades, but is now aiming for A*s. In addition to this she is studying GSCE Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Andi passed the NCFE Level 2 Custom Animation certificate as well as a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Art. She is studying GCSE R.E. Chinese and OCR Nationals Level 2 First Award in ICT. Therefore, Andi will complete the Core of the Modern Baccalaureate at Intermediate level and her grade will be determined by the grades in her best 8 subjects.

For the Honours Award Andi is using her enjoyment of playing music in her spare time and achieved a grade 3 in drums and a grade 2 in the violin. She was also involved in the school’s Rock Challenge performance in Y10. These activities have contributed to the Personal Challenge element. Andi chose to study the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise in the Academy’s extended day and together with  practical work in Chinese and ICT from her Core studies she will be able to use this evidence to support the Honours section to complement her Core studies.

As part of the PSHE curriculum Andi has worked on ASDAN’s AOPE. She has completed team working, planning & reviewing learning and she planned for and gave a presentation based on her work experience. This means she can be certified for the work experience element in the Skills for Employment section. Andi has also completed the Level 2 literacy and numeracy ALAN test and worked with a group of students to set up and run a Smoothie bar at the Academy, thereby demonstrating team working skills and entrepreneurial qualities.

This combined effort means that Andi can be awarded Modbac Intermediate with Honours at Distinction as five elements have been externally verified and she has provides evidence against all the skills elements.

Brandon Swayby

Brandon initially found it difficult deciding which options he should take. He finally chose to study a BTEC First Certificate in Business Studies and OCR Nationals Level 2 First Certificate in ICT in a joint option which he has successfully completed. Brandon has also passed English, Maths and is studying GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as GCSE French and R.E. Since Brandon has completed his BTEC in Business he is studying for the IFS Certificate in Personal Finance.

As part of the Honours section Brandon opted to complete the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise. Even though he is studying finance, which counts in the Honours, he wanted to develop his Business & Enterprise skills further. Brandon thoroughly enjoyed working with Hull City in the Community on this project. Since he is studying GCSE French and already has ICT this too can be counted.

Brandon is also completing ASDAN’s AOPE so he can be awarded The Work Experience element of the Honours section. In addition, he has passed the Level 2 literacy and numeracy ALAN tests.

Therefore, Brandon could be awarded the Modern Baccalaureate at Intermediate Level with Honours at a Merit level as four elements would be externally verified.


Luchia Mckay

Luchia is a bubbly character who likes to get involved in the community. She has worked hard to pass Maths; English; BTEC Level 2 First Certificate Business Studies; BTEC Diploma in Science and OCR Nationals Level 2 First Certificate in ICT Y10.

Because she has completed her Science and Business qualifications she is now studying a GCSE in Environmental Science and IFS Certificate in Personal Finance. Luchia is also studying GCSE Drama and R.E.

For her Honours Award, Luchia has already been accredited for ICT and is working towards Financial Capability. She is also studying ASDAN’s AOPE to provide accreditation for Work Experience. She has completed the Level 2 literacy and numeracy through the ALAN tests.

Luchia completed the Archbishop of York Award and played a key role in the organising of a charity event. By working on the Award, she was able to play to her strengths and demonstrate excellent team working skills.

All of this hard work means that Luchia has been awarded The Modern Baccalaureate at Intermediate Level with Honours at a Merit standard as four elements have been externally verified.

Laura Suter

Laura is a pleasant and hard working young lady. Her options reflected a keen interest in sport. She chose a BTEC First Diploma in Sport and has been successful in completing it. Laura has also passed her Maths and English exams and is now working towards an A grade. She completed her BTEC First Diploma in Science in Y10 and is now studying for a GCSE in Environmental Science. She is  also studying GCSE Drama, French, R.E, and OCR Nationals Level 2 First Award in ICT as core studies.

Laura has an outgoing personality and she decided she wanted to become involved in organising a Charity event. She worked with others to do this and as a result achieved the Archbishop of York Award. This community award provides her evidence for the community honours dimension.

Laura’s enthusiasm for sport led her to opt to do the Junior Sports Leaders Award. This provided the opportunity to lead others in sporting activities and really took her out of her comfort zone!  Laura clearly demonstrated development of her leadership skills and she was able to demonstrate them well enough to show that she had overcome a Personal Challenge, another requirement for the honours dimension of the ModBac.

Laura is doing the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise with Hull City to allow her to achieve the Enterprise element, as well as ASDAN’s AOPE through PSHE to provide evidence of Work Experience for the employment skills section. She has also completed the Level 2 literacy and numeracy ALAN tests.

Overall, Laura’s evidence is consistent with the requirements to be awarded the Modern Baccalaureate at Intermediate level with Honours at Distinction Level as 6 elements have been awarded.

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