Clouds on the horizon

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A new survey reveals that the cloud is still uppermost in CEO's minds going forward.

Infographic: These Technologies Will Shape the Near Future | Statista

TLM are keeping with these trends as far as possible within the confines of the DfE restrictions of the development of new qualifications, but do offer cloud focussed IT qualifications with the option to add mobile app development as well as a qualification for advanced manufacturing.

One problem is that it is hard for schools to get the support for these advanced technologies and therefore inspire students to folow these paths.  Students need to be encouraged into these areas in primary school, but by the time they leave school (now at 18), will they be relevant?  Current IT and manufacturing qualifications are developed in 2014/15 in order to be offered for 2018.  Once they have been accepted for 2018 (so teaching begins in September 2016) they can't be changed.  How can these qualifications keep pace with the development happening when they fixed at a point in the past?

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Started work for TLM in August 2014, having known Ian Lynch for many years and collaborated on a number of open source projects and initiatives. Working with Moodle for a number of years after teaching IT to A Level for 10 years.

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