Certificate in Designing, Engineering and Constructing a Sustainable Built Environment – QAN 60111987


Purpose Statement

Who is this qualification for?

The TLM Level 1 Technical Award in Designing, Engineering and Constructing a Sustainable Built Environment is for Learners aged 14-16 as part of their Key Stage 4 programme of study.


It is designed for Learners who maybe looking for a career in the construction industry and related disciplines and also for those interested in how buildings are designed, planned, constructed and the associated environmental impacts and how to minimise them.


Who might be interested in taking this course?

The TLM Level 1 Technical Award in Designing, Engineering and Constructing a Sustainable Built Environment will be of interest to Learners who are interested in any aspect of buildings and their construction. It is designed for Learners to develop skills in using industry standard software in realising building design, costing quantities and building efficiency.


This qualification is suitable for Learners who like a practical approach to learning, and solving problems concerning planning, costings and sustainability related to the built environment.


What will the student study as part of this qualification?

There are 4 compulsory units making up the qualification

  • Defining a Sustainable Construction Project
  • Roles in Construction Teams
  • Producing a Technical Design for a Construction Project and Sharing Information
  • Planning, Costing and Presenting a Sustainable Building Project

The details of the assessment criteria can be read from the qualifications specification on a sub menu.

What knowledge and skills will the student develop as part of this qualification and how might these be of use and value in further studies?

Learners will develop the knowledge and skills to be able to design and manage the construction of a project that would incorporate the principles of sustainability. They will use project management based skills and practices and understand the different roles in construction teams and how to work to their strengths. They will develop the knowledge of planning regulations and the effects these have on how, when and where buildings can take place. They will understand the supply chains of materials and the careful budgeting and time planning issues that make construction projects cost effective and deliverable. Other skills will include the ability to create models of their designs in physical or digital form to test out the viability and to check the aesthetics.


Which subjects will compliment this course?

GSCE in Design and Technology

GSCE in Economics

GSCE in Electronics

GSCE in Engineering


GSCE in Mathematics

GSCE in Science

Technical Award in Material Technology

Technical Award in Administration, Law and Personal Finance

Technical Award in Business Administration

Technical Award in Engineering, Manufacturing and Transport operations


The TLM Level 1 Award in Designing, Engineering and Constructing a Sustainable Built Environment provides a general project management background that would support many higher level qualifications, especially those that require designing or planning the built environment. It develops the skills required by many industries and areas of further study in the collecting, handling, interpreting and managing of data to produce information and the persuade people.


Specifically, this qualification provides a progression route to the level 2 construction qualifications, and other similar qualifications with a planning and development focus.


This qualification can prepare for a wide range of apprenticeships, work-based occupations, or higher studies in areas such as:


  • architecture

  • town planning

  • civil engineering

  • building and construction, including carpentry, electrician and related trades

  • supervisory roles

  • quantity surveying

  • conversation work


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