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Apologies to the Stones for that play on their song.  As promised, we have been working behind the scenes to develop a qualification that is relevant and suited to the day and now offer a Level 3 IT qualification with a focus on cloud based systems and services.  It is still an ITQ (IT User Skills) qualification at heart, but the emphasis is shifting with the IT zeitgeist of the day.  A previous post on here showed that the vast majority of companies will be focusing on moving to the cloud in the next few years as their business priorities and we at TLM feel that education needs to address this.  The qualifications we design must prepare students for this world.  It is difficult as many things studied in IT are almost redundant by the time they are proposed, but it is unlikely that cloud systems and services will go away quickly.

The qualification will follow a similar format to the other ITQ qualifications we offer.  Candidates will use coursework modules to learn the skills and knowledge they need and that interests them, and this will provide them with 30 of the 100 possible marks required.  They can then take a graded exam worth 70 marks which will scale their results from E to A*.

The cloud based units can now be studied using the excellent Netacad materials from Cisco which are part developed by the Open University.  It is free for any school or college to join and will make the material engaging and up to date.  It also means that students have access to their Packet Tracer application which allows them to build virtual networks on any browser which are as near to the real thing as they can be without falling foul of the school or college network manager.

In August we will be applying for the qualification to be added as an Applied General award for the 16-19 Performance Tables and UCAS points, but it is still backed by University and Industry alike and will almost certainly be important for students for HE or a career.

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Started work for TLM in August 2014, having known Ian Lynch for many years and collaborated on a number of open source projects and initiatives. Working with Moodle for a number of years after teaching IT to A Level for 10 years.

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