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Here at TLM we have always tried to work with partner organisations to make sure that we offer the right qualifications to fill the various industry needs.  various companies help us in the development and support of qualifications which makes them far more rounded and informed.  It is also first hand information from people who are currently hiring skilled staff, so they have a good idea of what skills are required.  These organisations also tend to need to be aware of future trends so they can stay in business or out in front of their competitors.

As an example, we have worked recently with Cisco on the requirements for dealing with the growing problems with cyber crime.  Obviously there is a need to find people with the skills to deal wth these threats now and in the future, but there is also a need to have people across the board who can understand the nature of threats.  Many of the attacks do not occur at the server level initially, but at the personal level.  It could be a disgruntled ex-employee or someone who just doesn't appreciate the risks who first lets the attackers in.  As the attack could occur anywhere in an organisation and at any level, it is really necessary for all personnel to have some level of understanding of networks and computers in terms of communication devices.  Cisco offer a rang of courses from basic introductions to networking, security and cyber security, though to more advanced courses.  All of these we have now incorporated into our new Level 3 IT qualification.  Cisco have also endorsed us as the go to Awarding Organisation to take their units in an approved and regulated qualification.  Students can therefore take the TLM L3 Cloud qualification with Cisco materials as optional units.  We have a similar arrangement with CIW for students wanting to undertake courses in advanced web design.

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