Trial for evidence management and tracker

  • Go to
  • Login to the Learning Site on the right with username applestephenson, password, tamworth1
  • You will come to My Pages. (This is fictitious student account)
  • Click in the Evidence tab
  • Click Provide new evidence
  • Give your evidence a title
  • Provide evidence in a web page using the editor, including links to other work eg in YouTube, School VLE, your own web site, dropbox etc.
  • Attach files if the evidence is eg a digital photo of a diagram, handwritten content, powerpoint etc.
  • Add the criteria you think your evidence supports.
  • Click Save
  • Self assess against the criteria.

N is no evidence
L I have some evidence but not yet fully secure
S I am secure in this field
H I'm operating beyond the requirements of the criteria.

  • Optionally add a comment
  • Submit for assessment

You have now acted as a student submitting their work.

Now log out and log in as Susan English Apple Stephenson's teacher.

  • Username Susan English, password tamworth1
  • select group Year 7 Eng, this is Apple's group
  • click the pending evidence tab
  • see the evidence apple just submitted at the end of the list
  • click on it and review the evidence
  • click the approved button if you agree that the evidence supports the criterion or adjust the self-assessed mark and approve.
  • Add a comment and reply to the student comment if necessary.
  • Click return to a learner (Once the criterion is secure use assessment completed to finalise)
  • (You can click the My Groups tab and then Year 7 ENG and TLM next to Apple Stephenson's name. Select the Trial Unit 1 and you can then set the progress towars secure as a percentage under the L label. This is optional. With the accredited qualifications all we need is S or H moderated for coursework assessment.)
  • Now log out and log back in as applestephenson.
  • Click the evidence tab and see the returned work under evidence to be submitted.
  • Student reviews work and comments and makes amendments then resubmits. Keep going until work is finalised.
  • Log out.

You can also set up reporting and sharing eg with parents, employers etc. Once approved certificates can be printed and authenticated directly from the web site.

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