TLM is Industry 4.0 Compliant

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There is a great deal of talk and writing, if you look in the right places, about the next wave of industrialisation known as Industry 4.0.  Put very simply, this is the digitisation of industry at all levels.  The best example of this is in the uptake of 3D printers.  These devices can produce bespoke products in small or large batches and require very little in the way of complex infrastructure.  This opens up the possibility to all sorts of designers and small to medium sized firms.  There are even 3D printers now making complete car shells for delivery to assembly firms.  The possibilities are seemingly endless and mck_industry_40_report found that 80% of firms will be using this kind of technology over the next few decades.  Other reports talk of the educational need digital_revolution_web_version.

All sounds good, so what's the problem?  The problem is that most countries, including the UK, do not have the skills in the workforce to meet this growing demand.  Many skilled engineers are retiring soon with very few people to replace them.  In order to address this, we have worked with partners and trade bodies to come up with qualifications which prepare students for a future career in this fast growing sector.  We have a L1/L2 SPDM (Smart Product Design and Manufacture) qualification with Performance Points for 2017 and 2018 and have now completed the L3 version.  This version includes the study of robotics, CAD/CAM, Embedded Systems, Smart Product Manufacture, IoT, and Additive Manufacture.  This gives a clear progression route for students through to apprenticeships with companies like BAE Systems or Rolls Royce or to further study at University.  TLM is doing all it can to meet the demands of the next wave of industrialisation.

Contact us for more details about how to run these qualifications at your school or college.

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Started work for TLM in August 2014, having known Ian Lynch for many years and collaborated on a number of open source projects and initiatives. Working with Moodle for a number of years after teaching IT to A Level for 10 years.

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